More About Ottomans

Ottoman: it was a name once synonymous with magnificence and Eastern splendor. All of Europe trembled when the Turkish army, 200,000 strong, attacked Vienna in the late 17th Century, fearful that the Ottoman Empire would extend its reach across the entire continent. The Ottoman Empire left several marks on history, not the least of which is the widely popular furniture piece of the same name.

Turkish Delight
Today, many people have forgotten that such commonplace furniture items as ottomans hailed from such exotic origins. And who can blame them? The ottoman's usefulness is so obvious that it seems it could have been invented at any time or in any place. Yet it took a fabled empire, led by sultans who treasured comfort and beauty, for ottomans to exist.

A Style For Every Need
Whatever home decor need you have, there are ottomans specifically catered to meet it. Ottomans can be square, round, or rectangular. They can be made from leather or wood, microsuede or fabric. If you need extra storage space, a storage ottoman with a removable lid would reduce the clutter in your living room.

At Home In Every Room
Ottomans are true world travelers and are at home in any room. As a bench or for discreet storage, a footrest or amusing novelty, ottomans will always be a world-class purchase.