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Coffee Table Ottomans

Man was born to lean back with a cold drink in one hand and a TV remote in the other. We bet they invented the ottoman somewhere in between fire and the wheel. (The remote took a little longer to figure out.) After a long day, nothing is as ahhhh-some as kicking your feet up on a cushy leather ottoman and leaning back for a little you time.

As wooden clubs evolved into social clubs, the ottoman evolved into a lush, cushy foot pillow. Leather ottomans grow more handsome as they get older, and fabric ottomans bring bright, whimsical fashion to any staid room. Microfiber ottomans are sleek, soft and silky-smooth, so take off those shoes and nestle in.

Ottomans are named after the Turkish empire, but the most fashionable styles come from all over the place. Our intrepid researchers put their feet up all over the world to bring you the best variety of ottomans anywhere. Round ottomans or square, leather ottomans in basic black, burly brown or racy red. Creative shapes, sassy fabrics and even novelty ottomans bring cheerful color to your den or living room.

Don't just sit there: stow something! Storage ottomans share their insides with you in the most creative ways, offering a discreet place to stash games, electronics, blankets, books, maybe a bag of corn chips. Some have a flip top that converts from cushy pad to stable table or serving tray. Why not? You were setting your drink on it anyway.

We've collected the best and boldest to bring you the finest variety of ottomans anywhere. Use our helpful search tools to find your favorite. Sort by leather ottomans, coffee table ottomans, round, square, or whatever. It's otto-matic! If you don't know what you want, our helpful photos will inspire you.